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From a leading child psychiatrist, a comprehensive parents' guide to understanding--and managing--pediatric bipolar disorder.

Once considered an adult illness, bipolar disorder (manic depression) is one of the fastest growing categories in child psychiatry since ADHD, touching the lives of an estimated one million children. But often it goes misdiagnosed, and children can be prescribed medication that only worsens their condition. Parents are desperate for someone to guide the way through this difficult time. With her twenty-five years of clinical experience, child psychiatrist Rosalie Greenberg offers families a lifeline--a book filled with sage, practical, and reassuring advice for anyone struggling to help a child locate that elusive inner calm.

With a revolutionary approach that sees the brilliance, the sweetness, the creativity in bipolar kids, Dr. Greenberg gathers their stories and their parents’ stories to open a window onto these children who have for so long gone misunderstood. She walks readers through the different scenarios that may occur with bipolar kids, from daring manic phases to sudden periods of overwhelming sadness. She shows parents how best to navigate the peaks and valleys of bipolar disorder and provides them with the assurance that they need not tackle this illness alone. Most important, she encourages adults to listen to what children say through the maze of their mania and depression, for this can make all the difference in diagnosing and successfully managing bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Kids offers parents welcome understanding, guidance, and most of all hope that their child, with the proper interventions, can lead a productive and successful life.





[A] masterful book. . . [Dr. Greenberg] offers a way of understanding such children by 'listening to the words, not just the music."


-- Clarice J. Kestenbaum, M.D., Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Columbia University, and Past-President of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry



Greenberg assumes the first-person perspective and writes in a conversational style, sharing many stories from her practice, which makes the disorder seem less scary. She describes not only the experiences of her patients but also those of her patients' parents, as well as touches on medication, related illnesses, and therapy.


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