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Parent's & Professionals Talk About Bipolar Kids


Dr. Greenberg, Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I have a 9-year-old son, finally diagnosed with juvenile bipolar disorder at age 8 after 5 years of constant struggle with the medical community and the school system. I was constantly told my son was just "being a boy," that he was simply the result of "bad parenting," or that "something" was taking place in our home to cause his behavior. No one took my concerns seriously until he had a major meltdown in school - screaming, yelling, throwing chairs for which he earned a full physical restraint for an hour and then melting into tears for an additional 2-hour period. I was fortunate enough to find a good psychiatrist almost immediately; my son was already involved in psychotherapy. Both doctors were able to speed up the neuro-psych evaluation process. I guess my point is that I have a bookcase filled with books on bipolar disorder, ADHD, and sensory integration dysfunction. None have been as informative as Bipolar Kids. The book is written in "plain English" and is easy to follow and understand. It explains the vast differences between bipolar disorder in adults and that in children, and it provides parents and caregivers with the realization that not all children with bipolar disorder share the exact same symptoms. Dealing with my son day after day can be extremely exhausting, both mentally and physically, but I know I am not alone. Your book provided proof that other children are experiencing the same symptoms as my son and that other parents are dealing with the same issues and frustrations. That was oddly comforting. Thank you again. Your book has been very helpful and informative. I intend to recommend it to everyone.


K. D.

Oakland, Maryland


“Cutting wide swaths through the diagnostic criteria, Dr. Greenberg compares and contrasts bipolar, ADHD, separation anxiety disorder, OCD, and autistic spectrum disorders, laying the foundation for the appropriate prescriptions and therapeutic paradigms.” - Summer 2007, bp Magazine

“…good advice for parents dealing with mood swings and tantrums from BP kids, but also for parents of children with many different types of special needs” -. About.com: Parenting Special Needs


From readers (sent to my website)
“…I am seventeen. I was diagnosed with bipolar I disorder back in early … this year. However, I’ve been having symptoms ever since childhood…I just wanted to tell you that I feel like I am reading my life story.” “Thank you for writing your book..” Email from a bipolar adolescent

“Your book was a treasure trove of information - and not just regarding children. I thank you for every word.” - Email from a adult sibling of a 60 year old bipolar brother




The books we read are so often the result of recommendations from friends, professionals, and unknown people who share the same concerns, and live with the same issues.  Please let us know your thoughts on "Bipolar Kids" by Dr. Rosalie Greenberg.  Your input may help another family or another parent find answers on bipolar disorder.

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